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Elisabeth Thornburgh JD Human Rights Defender

See Thornburgh v US Dept of Energy Defense CIA have evidence videos Photos flight records Air China Emirates Lufthansa BA Continental etc hotel receipts paid for by Rutherford Institute former employee phone purchased for me, hotel receipts paid for by Oregon State legislature aide stated can't transport you to hotel it's TRAFFICKING but might need you around for DHS microwave weapons challenge they're using them on the protestors here in Portland Oregon...no further calls, nor contact, nor follow up, nor assistance, nor Investigations. Told we already handpicked your lawyers our dream team for In re Thornburgh test case, international treaties, billion dollars class action another Scopes trial. Billions of dollars in illegal human research contracts grants for me as so called target practice weapons research RNM precrimes devices fMRIs Rf acoustic LRADs radiological weapons behaviour modification weapons Rf AI...I am a cottage industry. I NEVER CONSENTED NEVER BEEN PAID NEVER SECURITY CLEARANCE NEVER SIGNED CONTRACT never signed release nor consent never Agreement oral nor written consenting to medical research nor so called target practice weapons research testing. Blocked hacked communications REROUTED isolated, accounts hacked manipulated controlled...at 6466595209 elisrechtjd2020@gmail.com. Told it's all legal for Law enforcement counterterrorism training exercises per US Dept of Justice and for electronic surveillance per Dick Thornburgh. Free political focus group Free dating services using novel technologies Brainnet surveillance technologies, using technology for plagiarism, IP theft, blackmail, Insider Trading, free political focus group Free dating services. Countless OIG AG complaints throughout US, complaints of human trafficking weapons research testing all over the globe.
Thursday, April 15

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